3 normal household items which are poisonous for your dog

Normally, we consider the dogs as our family members. Therefore, it is pretty common that we would share with our dogs what we eat. The problem is not all of the foodstuffs which we can eat are safe for our dog. That is why you have to 1st find out which are the food stuff which can be given to dogs and which are the foodstuffs which cannot be given to dogs. There are certain foodstuffs which are downright dangerous for our dogs. They can be poisonous to the dogs. This is the reason why you should always 1st find out what is safe for your dog and what is not safe for your dog.

  1. Human foods:

There are plenty of human foods which are not safe for your dog. They are downright poisonous to your dog. Some of these items include:

  •          Chocolate
  •          Onions
  •          Garlic
  •          Alcohol

Therefore, you have to refrain from giving any of these things to your dog. The problem is that most of these foodstuffs consist of theobromine or acidic substances which are harmful to your dog. They can also cause indigestion in your dog. This is one of the main reasons why these food stuffs are poisonous for your dog. Moreover, they can cause problems in the liver as well as pancreas. This is another reason why you should refrain from giving these foodstuffs to your dog.


  1. Medication:

You need to understand that medications are designed for humans. If the same medications are given to dogs, their body would not be able to handle those medicines. This is one of the main reasons why they would suffer from medical problems. Even, children’s medicines cannot be handled by dogs. Therefore, at all cost, you have to keep the medication which you have away from the dogs. Once you are able to keep the medication away from the dogs, thereafter only it would become easier for you to ensure that dogs are not accidentally consuming them.

Even the mildest of the medications are not suitable for the dog. Therefore, when you’re keeping medications in your home, you have to make sure that you are keeping them secured and in a box which the dog cannot open easily. This would automatically keep the dog isolated from the medicines. Moreover, you have to keep the dog away from the supplements which we consume.


  1. Chemicals:

There are many household cleaning chemicals which are harmful to the dogs. Hence, consumption of such chemicals can be pretty harmful. This is one of the main reasons why whether you’re looking at detergent bar or detergent solution or any other chemical of cleaning; you have to keep that away from the dog. Once you are able to keep that away from the dog, you can be sure that the dog would not be consuming it accidentally as well. One thing which you have to keep in mind is that if you see the teeth marks of the dog in such detergents or the marks of the dog in such bottles, you should contact the poison care center immediately. This would ensure that you are able to save the life of the dog. After consuming such chemicals, the time period which the dogs have is pretty limited. Therefore, you have to contact the vet as soon as possible.

So, these are some of the household items as well as foodstuffs which are not actually suitable for the dogs. These are found in almost all of the households and that is why, you have to be pretty careful to ensure that dogs do not consume these foodstuffs.


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